"Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect."



A popular Senator who has drifted from his faith and family as he’s gotten more consumed with his career runs for Governor and soon finds himself caught in a political scandal that forces him to confront who he is and what he’s become, or lose everything.


Power is the story of DAVID FLECHER, a popular Senator and family man, whose rapid ascent to power has not come without cost: his family life is strained and he’s begun to compromise his values in his quest for more power and influence.

When David learns of a scandal about to envelop the current Governor, he sets out to run for the office.  His decision sets him on a course that will further tear apart the fabric of his family, and send his life on a downward spiral that will soon engulf him in the midst of a political scandal.

His descent begins after his son is arrested for drunk-driving, and David uses his position to bully the authorities into dropping the charges.  Shortly after that, true to the rumors, a bribery and kickback scandal surrounding the Governor breaks and David finds himself on the defensive after he’s warned another Senator knows of the drunk driving arrest and abuse of power.

When an angry Governor confronts David and presents evidence that his political consultant, Mike Bellman, is orchestrating the scandal, a reeling David reaches out to his best friend, Peter McDaniel, and together they confront Mike.  At the same time, David learns that his daughter Dani, wracked with guilt over the death of her brother, has left a suicide note and disappeared.

While frantically searching for Dani, David runs to his church for solace.  A broken David comes to grips with what he’s become, and in a heartfelt moment or prayer, pledges to change.

David and his wife soon find their daughter before she can do any harm to herself, and David promises to
be a better father and husband. Relieved and restored, he publicly withdraws from the Governor’s race and confesses his own abuse of power issues.